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SoloHealth Update

This Atlanta-based Company has made progress since its start in 2011. But in March, 2014, they had a difficult change-over in CEO’s combined with a change in HQ location to Johnsons Ferry Road in Atlanta (from Johns Creek).

SoloHealth builds consumer kiosks, and has partnered with Sam’s Clubs, WalMart, Safeway, and Schnuck to install them. They say that their 3500+ kiosks have generated 40 million+ consumer interactions.

They apparently have enjoyed fruitful partnerships with Dell and Wellpoint (Wellpoint invested and Dell provided the kiosks). Chairman Larry Gerdes apparently stepped in and put himself in charge, and asked Founder Bart Foster to step aside and focus on strategy.

Here is what Bart Foster says on LinkedIn:

“I am a passionate entrepreneur focused on driving innovation at the intersection of: Consumer, Health & Retail.

In 2002 I was given the opportunity to do an international assignment with CIBA Vision, the eye care division of Novartis, in the U.K. While living in England I created the idea of a self-service “health screening kiosk” as a way to empower people to take charge of their own health & wellness. In 2006, I was recognized by Novartis as the Entrepreneur of the Year for developing the new venture, which would eventually become SoloHealth. After nearly two years incubating the business with the resources of Novartis, I acquired the IP and founded SoloHealth in October of 2007.

SoloHealth is a healthcare services company which places biometric health kiosks in high traffic retail environments. Since inception we have raised over $50M in capital including a $1.2M grant from the National Institute of Health. We have developed strategic partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world including Walmart, P&G, WellPoint, Johnson & Johnson, RedBox, Pfizer, Safeway, Vons and Sam’s Club. The Company has deployed SoloHealth Stations in over 3,800 locations nationwide and currently engages with more than 4,500,000 people per month. The Company is now focused on utilizing the SoloHealth platform, and national retail network, to help large employers manage the health of their population.

Prior to working at Novartis AG I was the Director of Sales for Peachtree Network, a successful Internet start-up based in Montreal, Canada. While there, the Company had an IPO on the Canadian Venture Exchange. I began my career with Kellogg’s in consumer marketing and sales.

I am a Father, Husband, IRONMAN Triathlete, Florida Gator and active in Young Presidents Organization (YPO). My wife Aly and I have two kids and I enjoy all things outdoors: Hiking, Fishing, Cycling, Skiing.”

This explains the kiosk:
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WalMart Moves into Health Care

This blog post was originally from November, 2011. It was updated in 2014.

Looks like WalMart is now responding to ACA, Walgreens and CVS, by introducing their own health care clinic. This article explores the move from a distance:

WalMart Move into Health Care

JCR 2012 Note: this became Kaiser Care Corner

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