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Sorting Out Charlottesville

This post is about VICE footage of Charlottesville

I just watched – all the way through. Wow wow wow.

So here’s my take.

I am beyond anger. All these scenes and words and stridency underscore the hot mess we are in. And I am so pissed at POTUS … spitting mad.

But here’s the thing: Trump did not create this. He took the lid off it, and asked everyone to look inside. It’s a petrie dish, and he is a fungus that grew out of it.

The petrie dish is given a beneficial ecology through Fox, so many fungi variations can thrive. Trump just rose up to be the fungi-in-chief.

Fox is wrong that there are 100,000 racists in the country. I think it’s 50-100 million. Trump has made it clear that, with a blind ballot, 30% of the country covertly or overtly has these views.

Maybe they are not as strident. Maybe they are too clever to use these disgusting words (duh, it’s not that smart to talk about that beautiful girl Ivanka being with that piece of sh*t Jew husband). Maybe they whisper to people of like mind. Maybe they are a silent class – and love it when someone speaks up on their behalf.

I’m pretty sure that 50-100 million in the US are glad that someone is speaking out about all “this”.

What “this”? The “this” began, seems to me, when a rough, tough white texan, LBJ, used his swagger and savvy to push through the civil rights legislation we know today.

Then came the hot mess that brought us ten+ million illegal immigrants (as congress failed to figure something out). That is. part of “this”.

Then came affirmative action.

Then came black mayors and electeds.

Then came gay marriage. I’ll bet most of the 30% don’t even know someone that is gay.

Then came all the others – like transgender folks that want to pee.

You get the point. The liberal class has been out there for fifty years “perfecting the union” by extending equality to every group they can think of.

Every time this happens, the class I am talking about says “hey, what am I, chopped liver?”. They get pissed but they have no place to put their anger.

Now, mind you, I LOVE “perfecting the union”. I love Obama’s take on this. But I assumed that progress was possible because this silent class would stand down. WRONG.

The silent class is mega-pissed. Republicans figured this out, and have gotten better and better at speaking to this massive crowd of disaffecteds. But they are covert and clever, not overt. They have perfected the “dog whistle”, where only the disaffected can hear “I am totally with you!”.

As you know, I thought the HRC campaign was abominable. Gotta say, I still thought she would win. But what I am saying above is the best articulation yet of WHY she lost; and WHY we have an idiot president; and Why we have Charlottesville.

I wish I had made all this up. I did not. The best version of this position can be found here;


Columbia Professor Mark Lilla has a VERY controversial point. But I think it’s correct. And I think Democrats are sunk unless they stop their nonsense, and start speaking about the whole, more than the parts. The quilt of America is fine. Going to the mat for transgender people’s bathroom is not. We now know that as “OVER-REACH” – or, to mix metaphors “A BRIDGE TOO FAR”.

Lilla says that when you speak about the parts, you inevitably leave someone out. I think 50-100 million have heard the elected’s speak on all “this”, and they say: I feel left out.

Compounding this problem is that most media types come from diverse cities, and think like I do. They LOVE perfecting the union, and want their readers to know it. And that makes the 50-100 million even MORE pissed off and left out.

We have a hot mess. But maybe, maybe, maybe it’s better that someone, even a complete fool, ripped the cover off the petrie dish. So we can address the hot mess. Before it’s too late.