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ResearchKit from Apple

I wrote last fall about Apple’s new HealthKit platform. That update is below.

Now, Apple takes the next step – into Medical Research. Take a look:

Research Kit Update

======================= post from 201504: Apple, IBM, and J&J ====================

Post from April 2014 about Apple, IBM, and K&J

======================= post from 201411: Apple HealthKit ====================

Apple has done a great thing – rolled out a well-being platform called HealthKit that creates a dataset that finally allows consumers to bring everything together in one place.

Note 43 apps have announced integration plans, and thus the issue that is highly relevant is: who will help consumers make sense of all this?

Here is what they are saying to consumers:
Apple to Consumers

Here is how they are encouraging developers to build an interface:
Apple to Developers

The roll-out from Apple was rocky for sure, as documented by this Forbes Article: Forbes Article on Apple’s HealthKit

Here’s some commentary on the roll-out and integration so far:
Commentary on Apple’s Move to Introduce HealthKit

And here is running update of apps who have integrated so far:
Updates on Apps that have announced integration plans
(Note Nike is integrating, while Fitbit is (so far) holding out….and note that – as of 11/5/14 …. 43 apps have announced integration plans)

But at least Apple is working on something that really matters. Now the question is: how will people know how to use it? Interpret the results? Share with their doctor? Integrate with the Dr’s electronic medical records?

I know the answers will come, but we all need to get there sooner rather than later.