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Michael Brill and Bosti

Phil Tabb recently recommended Michael Brill as a source for inspiration. He likened him to Christopher Alexander – in the way that he pursued design principles.

Here is a short write-up about Michael Brill and Bosti:

Michael Brill was President of BOSTI Associates for 30 years, and for 15 of those was also a Professor of Architecture at the State University of New York at Buffalo. His career successfully combined the rigorous research and design emphases of his academic background with business-based, innovative workplace solutions to organizational problems.

He led all of BOSTI’s analyses, providing major intellectual content and direction, and developed innovative recommendations solutions. Publishing more than 50 papers, articles, monographs and book sections on this work, he also authored a much consulted two-volume work, Using Office Design to Increase Productivity. Two of his other workplace publications are widely distributed and were translated into other languages: “The Office as a Tool”, and “New Offices, No Offices, Now Offices … Wild Times in the World of Office Work”. He wrote an eclectic monthly column for Interiors Magazine from 1996-1998.

He won many awards for his design-research, including the Star Award for outstanding leadership to the interior design profession from IIDA in 1999, and “distinguished author of the year” from IFMA in 1990. His projects have won 7 national awards from various design magazines. He gave hundreds of keynote speeches and lectures, and his and BOSTI’s work has been featured in the business and popular press, and in major international architectural and interior design books and journals.