John Curtis Reid (JCR)

Places lived:
Boston, MA, New York, NY, Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia

John holds a BA, magna cum laude, in Economics, from Brandeis University, and an MS in Management Science from MIT. At Brandeis, he was awarded the Sidney S. Cohen Award in Economics, awarded each year to the outstanding senior. At MIT, his concentrations were information systems and operations management.

Designing and implementing sustainable organizations, systems and business models.

Past Boards:

Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta (2015-2020, Chair 2017-2019)
Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education (2012-2014)
Emory Center for Ethics (2008-2015)
Culture Connect (2008-2010, Chair)
Cross-Cultural Solutions (2001-2008, Founding Chair)
The Princeton Review (2001-2004, Audit Committee) (2001-2008, Founding Board Member)
Comet Systems (2001-2004, CEO)
The Edison Project (1996-1998, C00)
LearnNow (1999, CEO)
Georgia Conservancy (1991-1994, Executive Committee)
Duke University School of the Environment (1992-1998, Founding Board Member)
Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau (1989-1990, Executive Committee)
Midtown Atlanta (1989-1996, Executive Committee)
Research Atlanta (1991-1994)
Georgia Alliance for Children (1985-1992, Board Chair)


The Coca-Cola Company
VP, Corporate Social Responsibility
Global Director, Coca-Cola University
Chief Environmental Officer

“You have accomplished so much….As our first chief environmental officer, you were the first leader of that function, which has contributed so much to the world and to the Company. You led Coca-Cola University globally. Today, we see your accomplishments as Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility. Refresh 2020, your work on obesity, and your work on well-being are being widely embedded in plans and programs throughout the world.”
Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

“John was asked to pioneer our first Corporate Environmental Affairs Department. He started this remarkable function from scratch, and his accomplishments are – quite frankly – too numerous to mention here. The bottom line is that the Company is a significant and respected player in the environmental arena. All of our packaging is widely recycled, our operations are institutionalizing a comprehensive management system, and an environmental commitment permeates our organization.”
Earl T. Leonard, Jr. Senior Vice President (now retired), The Coca-Cola Company

The State of New York
Assistant Secretary for Education
Deputy Director, State Operations

“Thanks to your leadership, The New York State Commission on Higher Education and the Commission on Property Tax Relief led the way toward reforms enacted into law, that today are guiding the State towards continued preeminence.”
David Patterson, Governor of New York, in letter to John

The City of Atlanta
Chief Administrative Officer
“John has served brilliantly….”
“…Public spirited, Impeccably honest, hands-on, innovative, and “bottom-line oriented…”
Maynard Jackson, Three-term Mayor of Atlanta

Comet Systems
Chief Executive Officer
(sold to for $33.5 million)
“John joined two great founders and took the Company from 10 million to 75 million software downloads. He encouraged the team to move their business model toward search toolbars. Remarkable results.“
Doug Stern, Comet Board Member

Chief Executive Officer
(sold to Edison Schools for $30+ million)
“John applied his operational savvy, negotiating skills, and extensive knowledge of the educational space to help kids learn and to help this young team flourish.“
Gene Wade, LearnNow Co-Founder

The Edison Project
(IPO valued Edison Schools at $672 million)
Chief Operating Officer (first in history)

“John is the best operator in this business.”
John Fisher , Edison Board Member

Coca-Cola USA
SVP Business Development
SVP Marketing
VP Fountain Marketing and Operations
VP Strategic Planning
Leader, West Coast Marketing
Leader, California, Alaska, Hawaii sales

“You led the regional team that completed US distribution of Sprite – and the result was that Sprite passed the competition and we never looked back. You led USA Strategic Planning when the Company introduced diet Coke. You led negotiations that resulted in aspartame being introduced into diet Coke. You led USA Food Service when the company installed the Dunwoody customer service center, introduced bag-in-the-box, and created integrated account teams that could meet the needs of new fast-growing fountain customers. You led Marketing in the aftermath of new Coke, and we all saw Coke returned to the #1 brand in America on your watch.”
Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

“How many times did I say ‘success is a journey, not a destination’- was it thousands? Your career epitomizes that idea, and it has been my privilege to be a fellow traveler….I recall your grace and style as we found solutions and made the Company stronger.”
Donald R. Keough, Board Member and President, The Coca-Cola Company


I was always pulled toward systems. I have made general systems theory the cornerstone of my education and professional life.

John didn’t know it then, but his arrival in Atlanta in the summer of 1973 was more than a summer fling. He saw that the consumer dimension, with all of its human and psychological dimensions. And the immensity of the operational challenges always intrigued me. I loved negotiations with suppliers and bottlers. And I loved the global aspect.

Public Service:
I had three major public service opportunities at two levels of government – municipal and state. I loved the public sector challenges – I just hated the dysfunction.

I was deeply involved with five start-ups. I chaired one, led one as COO, and was the CEO of three.

I was deeply involved with over a dozen non-profits. I chaired three. I served on the Board of the rest.

I have flown nearly three million miles on Delta. I have worked with colleagues throughout the world- in over 55 cities, and dozens of towns and hamlets.

I’ve worked in corporations, governments, non-profits and start-ups. I’m inclined to view issues through a system design lens. My passion has always been to design adaptation and learning into any system from the beginning. Easy to say and very tough to do!”

I’m convinced that the 22nd century will be the century of well-being. I have advanced a variety of global initiatives in the well-being space.

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