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Systems design, systems dynamics, general system theory, adaptive learning systems, deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence(AI), systems design, systems architecture, modules, modular systems, modular design, system design patterns, pattern recognition systems, natural language processing systems, homeostasis, forecasting systems that mine big data, digital immortality.


Amazon, E-Bay, Hybrid (Physical and Virtual) retail, warehousing and distribution, 3rd party models, drop shipping, same-day delivery. Also, disruptive internet-enabled businesses such as,


Personalization, Amazon, Bezos, Home Delivery, Home Dispensing, Technology, E-Commerce, Internet, Big Data, Forecasting, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime, Privacy,,, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Yelp, GPS, Sensors, Quantified Self Movement, Accelerometers, Genomics, patterns, SIRI, ECHO, digital immortality.


Design, Interior Design, Urban Design, Organizational Architecture, Systems Architecture, Residential Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Financing, Christopher Alexander,,, Computer-Aided Design, CAD, patterns, courtyards, A Pattern Language


Community Foundations, History of Community Foundations, Donor-Advised Funds, Public-Private Partnerships, Trusts, Estate Planning, The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta (CFGA)


Beverages, Ingredients, 4MEI, BPA, Sweeteners, Sweetness, Stevia, Sugar, HFCS, Aspartame, Cyclamates, Saccharin, Cane Sugar, Beet Sugar, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Wine, Beer, Liquor, Coffee, Milk, Juice, Energy Drinks, Juice Drinks, Bottled Water, Municipal Water, Home Delivery, Home Dispensing, Cargill (stevia and HFCS), Ajinimoto (aspartame), Cooperative Purchasing, Flavor manufacturing, FEMA


Regulation, Regulatory Affairs, Self-regulation, Public Policy, FDA, EFSA, WHO, SEC, Self-regulation, FEMA, Flavor manufacturing


Internet, Technology, Apps, Sensors, Social Media, Content generation, Trip Advisor, Hotwire, Amazon,,,, Hybrid sites, Language processing, Pinterest, Affiliations, Groups, MIT, Stanford, Bob Langert (MIT), Internet of Things


Technology, Internet, Software, Object-Oriented Programming, Firewalls, Sensors, Danny Hillis, Applied Minds, Pattern Recognition, Image Recognition, Voice Recognition, Thought Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Digital Publishing, Digital Printing, Smart Home, Quantified Home Movement, Quantified Self Movement


Values, Core Values, Loving, Caring, Sharing, Ethics


Mediation, Arbitration, Collaboration, Facilitation


Natural Environment, Well-Being, Compliance, Beyond Compliance, Equilibrium, Beyond Equilibrium, Homeostasis, Energy, Energy Storage, Elon Musk, solar, renewable energy, Smart Meters, Grid Design, Shaping power through off-peak incentives and on-peak disincentives, home batteries.

Well-Being – Natural

Well-Being, Natural Well-Being, Sustainability, Environment, Rene Dubos, Water, Solid Waste, Public Policy, Recycling, Life Cycle Analysis

Well-Being – Personal

Well-Being, including activity, caring, and eating; Personal Well-Being, Health, Obesity, Chronic Disease, Mindfulness, Resilience, Healthy eating, Healthy drinking, Healthy cooking, Physical exercise, Prevention, Predictive Medicine, Genomics, Personalization, Microbiome, Forecasting, Public Policy, Assessment, Screening, Diagnostics, Genome Editing, Adaptive Health Systems Design, Medicare, Obamacare, Active, Healthy Living, Homeostasis, Telemedicine, Aging, Elderhood, Atul Gawande (aging thought leader), digital immortality

Well-Being – Community

Well-being, Community Well-Being, Serenbe, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, Railroad towns, Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Investing, Design, Construction, Construction Materials, Construction Techniques, Zoning, Community Foundations, Building Codes, Public Policy, Christopher Alexander, Adaptive Physical Systems Design, The Eden Alternative (aging communities), Smart Homes, Green Homes (aging communities), Bill Thomas (aging thought leader), Christopher Alexander (urban design thought leader)


Education, Learning, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Corporate Universities, Community Colleges, Charter Schools, Privatization, Public Policy, Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment, Common Core, Diagnostics, Special Education, Remediation, Personalization, Adaptive Learning Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Image Recognition, Voice Recognition, Pattern Recognition,


Global, Citizen, Global Citizen, Nation States, Democracy, Oligarchy, United Nations, Europe, European Union, EU, ASEAN, LATAM, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, U.S., Canada, Russia, India, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand

Global Agencies

G8, G20, United Nations, Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), GS1, World Trade Organization (WTO), World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), International Standards Organization (ISO).


Consumer, Shopper, Merchandising, Family, Neighborhood, Community, Consumer Segments, Consumption at home, Consumption away from home, Impulse Shopping, Need States, Dayparts


Management, Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration, Operations, Strategic Planning, Forecasting, Planning and Control, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Packaging, Social Media, Public Affairs, Industry Affairs, Industry Development, Supply Chain, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Call Center Management.


Advertising, Promotion, Merchandising, Pricing, Revenue Growth Management, Right Execution Daily, Commercial Practices, Impulse Buying Behavior, Social Media, Branding, Brand Names, Trademarks, Attributes, Benefits (Consequences), Values


Coca-Cola Marketing, Icons, Iconology, Core Values, Loving, Caring, Sharing, Marketing, Selling, Account Management, Bottling, Franchising, Packaging, Vending, Away-from-Home Consumption, Home Consumption, Bottles, Cans, Bottle/Can, Fountain


History, Philosophy, Literature, Linguistics, Mathematics, Logic, Sociology, Economics, Econometrics, Probability, Behavioral Economics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning

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