Helix.com takes genomics commercial

I believe that genomics just advanced …. headed to commercialization. Read on.

I received this as a gift, and just registered my saliva sample. “Geno 2.0”. As with ancestry.com, the “hook” is they promise a profile of your ancestry. Clever – does not over-promise.

Cost …. $149?

Took 10 minutes. Very cool box, like something from Apple. Inside was an equally cool, self-addressed, stamped box. Fancy test tube inside. Coded carefully – right on the sample tube. Protected for shipment … Nice. Netflix started with a kit like this.

They have 800,000 samples so far. Partnered with National Geographic, Duke, bunch of others. I registered separately – online. Great privacy policy.

This is only the beginning….like the Internet when AOL was the only game in town, and Amazon only sold books.

Go to Helix

Helix seems to be a venture-backed company – Kleiner, Warburg Pincus, and Mayo are shown as investors.

The essence of their value proposition seems to be “products that will be offered by our partners in the future.” These products will obviously draw upon the database that is being accumulated.

Solid Scientific Advisory Board.

Duke shown as partner. National Geographic as well.

Genography.com seems to be another of their sites? Partner.