Smart Watches

So we are about to find out whether I need to trade in my Rolex and get a Smart Watch. This space is worth watching.

Pebble got to the Smart Watch Space first. Amazing progress:

“What is undeniably true is that Pebble has sold more than one million watches in three years, and six days into a 30-day Kickstarter campaign, has sold another $14 million worth. With that, the company has re-claimed the title (it first took with the original Pebble) as the most funded Kickstarter project ever.”

So my personal history is that start-up companies are very, very lucky to get 3-5 investors. They have 68,000! They are the leader of a new wave of start-ups that are fed by places like

The story is told one way in this amazing depiction of Pebble and its founder:

Pebble and Its Founder

So another way to ask the question is this: are watches and wearables about to merge? As I said in a post last year ( ), FITBIT owns the 3.3 million wearables market but now we see Pebble selling 1 million watches, and Apple entering very soon. So which is it? A watch? A wearable? or Both?

This article in WIRED (today’s edition!) speaks to this issue:


So Pebble is going hard over on this question to …. it’s a watch, stupid! And therefore it’s all about time – past (what you did), present (what’s happening now, like rain or traffic), and future (like calendar stuff). They have decided to call their new watch “Pebble Time” – and make the user interface manageable by organizing the massive data available by – – – time! They are being maniacal about it – taking their 6,000+ developers and moving the user from “apps” to time – the apps operate in the background but only appear to the user based on time. So if you want to know the game score from Friday night, scroll back to Friday night and poof, there it is. Weather this afternoon? Scroll to this afternoon. Brilliant!

And apparently they solved some really tricky issues. They preserved battery life as they added features. Charge lasts 7 days. They reserved a low price point – unlike Apple, they are less than $200 (Apple is $349+).

Its not that they are abandoning wearables – not at all. Its just that they are leaving this mainly to developers who can build around the Pebbles Operating System.

Great article about the Smart Watch space – and the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch:

Pebble Article