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The Reality Project

Here is an amazing compilation of a certain category of world events, by Leon Newton. Newton obviously has a POV, which can be independently understood. But what I find amazing is the diligence of the compilation.

Thanks to my friend Usman Mirza for letting me know about this.

Leon explains his work below:

“The Messengers” which is a compilation of the works of many critical thinkers over the years who have tried to explain existing conditions or to warn us of future conditions if we continued to do what we are doing.

The Reality Project File
Messages in History

“2015 Headlines” contains articles, videos and audio presentations from around the world. It is different from most other news sources in that it includes Energy as a separate category. At the bottom of the “Headlines” sheet are four videos (selected from “The Messengers”) which, I believe describe our present economic predicament.

Headlines in history

“The Reality Project Power Flow Chart”. This is my interpretation of how C. Wright Mills described the roles of the Power Elite, Corporations and governmental entities it also includes many of the entities that were created by the Powell Memo, including the propaganda machine that has so divided this country.

The Realty Project Flow Chart