MARVELS for Wellbeing

MARVELS is a way of dimensionalizing wellbeing. The acronym stands for:

M – MEDICAL ID (conditions, medications, allergies, emergency contacts, etc)
A – ACTIVITY (what I do with my body, including walking, running, calories burned etc)
R – RESILIENCE (key to managing stress and its harmful effects)
V – VITALS (pulse, BP, weight, height, body mass, etc)
E – EATING (what I put in my body, including what I eat, drink and smoke, calories consumeed etc)
L – LABS (blood, urine, sputum, hair, stool, screening, as well as genome mapping)
S – SLEEP (duration, deep sleep, etc)

The argument for MARVELS can be simplified by simply saying: every person’s wellbeing will be a function of who they are, and what they do in any given time period. Who they are requires quantification, including M (MEDICAL ID), R (RESILIENCE), V (VITALS), AND L (LABS). What they do in any given time period is a function of A and E – what they do with their body and what they put in their body.