heard on the street …. probably nothing but …..

So what’s interesting in this (possibly ridiculous) speculation….

Reviews of Providers: First, Zagat’s, then Zagats then Angie’s List, and now possibly Amazon? (for Amazon to offer customer reviews of health care providers). My assessment: 20% likely in next three years, 60% in ten. (Recommendations for services would be a very new step for Amazon)

Medical service packages: Amazon might offer services or packages of something that consumers actively shop for, and break the traditional pick-the-closest doctor/hospital mindset that most consumers have gotten used to.My assessment: 20% likely in next three years, 60% in ten.

LABS, VITALS, and IMAGING: These should be commodities. It is not too hard to picture vendors posting their prices and features. My assessment: 30% likely in next three years, 80% in ten.

MAJOR PROCEDURES: open heart surgery or transplants come to mind — those kinds of packages of services would also seem to lend themselves to an Amazonian open competition.My assessment: 10% likely in next three years, 50% in ten.

Amazon has amazing range, but it has its hands very full right now cracking food and beverage through Amazon Fresh (trucks were spotted this week in NYC and they took their LA expansion last year to all of California so they are moving!)

I could see this absorption taking three years, and then on to health care….thee rumblings are just Amazon learning and pre-planning.