Digital Health Again

So everyone is talking about Dr. Eric Topol as he speaks about his new book and it’s implications. Very provocative.

My own take is – things take a LONG time to happen. Dr. Topol talks about 17 years and – sadly – I think he is right. However, the amount of real change that is available to early adopters right now is scary good. Look out 18 months and it is even better.

Digital Health

This “super-convergence” in medicine, triggered by cheap genetic sequencing and sensors, makes good sense, but the tiny implanted sensors that track things blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood glucose, heart and respiratory rates – these are probably way out there.

Available now????
– an add-on to a smartphone which does eye refraction and then sends the prescription to get your glasses made, bypassing the optician.
– skin lesion scanned and get a message back quickly saying that there’s nothing to worry about, or not, which would have big implications for a dermatologist.