Well-Being – Real Time

The future is now. MARVELS is here.

The quantified self movement brings with it the very real opportunity to bring personal well-being into a real-time modality.

MARVELS is the acronym for what is possible:

Monitoring of:
M – MEDS (what MEDS I take, what compliance I have, etc)
A – ACTIVITY (walking, running, calories burned etc)
R – Resting Metabolic Rate (calories burned at rest)
V – VITALS (pulse, BP, etc)
E – EATS (what I eat and drink, especially calories)
L – LABS (blood testing, etc)
S – Sleep (duration, deep sleep, etc)

In any given setting – a community, a workplace, an assisted living facility, a spa, or even a well-being oriented pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens – monitoring of MARVELS (MEDS, Activity, Resting Metabolism,VITALS, EATS, LABS, Sleep) is now going to accelerate at an exponential rate.

The Privacy Imperative will be the critical success factor for all of these pushes into the future. It is foundational.

Without it, there will be no progress.

With it, personalized, real-time care will flourish. Each individual will be able to opt-in to his care-coaching community (and to opt-out whenever they choose), and get the extraordinary benefits that such a community can provide.

Want to talk to your well-being coach? FaceTime them, and they – with your permission – will help you sort out what’s going on with you.

Feel like you might need a check-in with a doctor? Send them an email – with your MARVELS history embedded in it, or get them on the phone or FaceTime, and see if they need you to come in.

The future is now.

BEWELL Centers will be EVERYWHERE. Look for:

DWELL CENTERS (part of BEWELL Centers) – for community MARVELS measuring and monitoring support. Target population is neighbors in the community.

EWELL CENTERS (part of BEWELL Centers) – for employees in workplaces MARVELS measuring and monitoring support. Target population is employees in the workplace.

SWELL CENTERS (Part of BEWELL Centers – for service-providers MARVELS measuring and monitoring support.Target population is customers of the service provider.
(Walgreens and CVS are already moving aggressively in this direction>

The Privacy Imperative
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LABS By Disease
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