The Website of John C. Reid, Atlanta, Georgia

My website helps me to stay organized, and to share myself with my friends and family. 

You will find here my bio and my blog, as well as my interests, my experiences, my beliefs, and some qualities I value.

My bio introduces me. 

My blog serves as my observation tower. Here are archived ten years of observations I have made about the world. Tags and categories make it easy for me to remember TIMS (things that interest me). 

My interests are ever-changing. They serve as tags and categories for my blog. I find this useful, so my blog is easily searchable. 

My experiences are shown here in the form of an autobiography that is updated ever year or so.. 

My qualities are more personal for me. They represent some qualities that I value in myself. I want my children and grandchildren to consider them. Hopefully, they will say – “obviously, this is who he is.”  But, if they say that, I want them to make choices throughout their life, about “Do I want these qualities for myself?”  and “If so, how can I pass these qualities along to my children and their children?”